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Trailer Reaction: "Fantastic Four"

What you need to know: Today, the trailer for the upcoming reboot of “Fantastic Four” was released. I liked the 2005 “Fantastic Four” with Ioan Gruffed and Jessica Alba. Judge me for that later. I don’t know anything about the comics, also judge me for this. I’m excited for this trailer and this retelling. I’m not so secretly in love with Miles Teller.

Here is the new “Fantastic Four” trailer, broken down:

0:08 Ah, the Marvel logo. It’s like the warm blanket of trailer logos. It feels so good to be wrapped up in it.

0:13 Voice over narration, with landscapes. This is definitely a superhero movie trailer!

0:23 Car driving across a cornfield. Is this either the “Star Trek” or “Man of Steel” trailer?

0:29 Weird science spacesuit pods! I’m interested!

0:39-0:42 First shot of Miles Teller as Reed Richards, wearing glasses. The little spin he gives is everything I dreamed it could be and so much more.

0:43-0:46 First shot of Kate Mara as Sue Storm, looking science-y. But also a little Zoe Barnes-y, since she is staring at a computer with such intense focus.

0:49 Whoa, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, in a white tank top, under the hood of a car. This is also very nice.

1:05 People crawling in the weird space suits on a rock? That is on fire? I’m sure this is in the comics, but it looks awesome!

1:08 Another shot of Miles Teller, sans glasses.

1:14 Weird, energy ball emanating from a building in New York. Sue Storm’s force field?

1:17 More spacesuited rock crawling and climbing. Is this movie secretly just an episode of “GUTS?”

1:18-1:20 Jump cuts of fire and lightning and rock! Complete with ominous, pounding music!

1:27 Okay, the new logo looks pretty cool. Way better than the four in the circle from the old movies.

1:32 “Be ready for what’s coming.” “What is coming?” “The answers..”

1:35 Shot from behind of the complete four, looking up at a weird rock formation with energy/light from the sky.

1:40 This movie opens on Aug. 7. I just remembered that Toby Kebbell is playing Doctor Doom.

1:44 The only way to see this movie is in 3D IMAX. Wow, that’s going to be so cool.

“Fantastic Four” opens in theaters on Aug. 7, 2015.

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