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Abby Dunn

Comptroller candidate

Abby Dunn

SPA junior and Philadelphia, Pa. native Abby Dunn said she wants to be the next comptroller for SG because she wants to help keep AU affordable for students as the University administration reviews tuition next year.

“I think there’s a lot we can do to advocate for students and to try to get tuition to stay as low as possible,” she said. “And I want to expand students’ access to need-based financial aid.”

Dunn currently serves as a co-director of AU Students for Choice and the treasurer of the AU Community Action and Social Justice coalition and does not hold a SG position.

Dunn said she has been impressed by the work of this year’s comptroller Ben Johnson and the other executives, especially their work on the student activity fee. She said she wants to continue that work next year by standing up for the financial needs of students.

“Essentially I’m running on a platform of budget overhaul, so I want to have a freeze on administrator’s salaries,” Dunn said. “I want to advocate for actual students.”

Dunn said she enjoys reading and forestry in her spare time.

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