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SG speaker replaces Reath as comptroller

Former comptroller says he stepped down for personal reasons

SG speaker replaces Reath as comptroller
Former SG Comptroller Eric Reath resigned suddenly Sept. 2, citing personal reasons. He was going to be the lead student representative in University budget talks.

Former Student Government Speaker of the Senate Joe Ste.Marie resigned to take over as comptroller.

President Emily Yu nominated Ste.Marie and the Senate approved his nomination during its meeting on Sept. 9.

The comptroller is responsible for overseeing the SG budget, the AUTO program and the bike lending program.

“What an honor, really, to be chosen by your peers,” Ste.Marie said.

Former SG Comptroller Eric Reath said he stepped down because of personal reasons. He did not inform any SG members before announcing his resignation during a Senate meeting on Sept. 2.

Nobody in the Senate said a word after Reath’s announcement.

“He really cares about this organization and I am sad to see him go,” Class of 2012 Sen. Brett Atanasio said.

Reath was comptroller for a year and four months. Former SG President Nate Bronstein appointed Reath after former Comptroller-Elect Taylor Yeates resigned before the start of his term.

As comptroller, Reath planned to sit on the AU Budget Committee as a student advocate. After his resignation, Yu will take over this responsibility, Reath said.

“I certainly still want to be involved in the process, but as of the moment without me being comptroller, it is pretty much her show,” Reath said. “But that’s not to say I won’t be speaking with administrators to talk about it.”

Ste.Marie said he and Yu will meet before deciding if he will work on the University budget with the Board of Trustees.

Reath says he plans to stay involved in SG, but does not know how yet.

“We’re definitely losing one of the stronger advocates of Student Government,” SG Secretary Kevin Sutherland said.

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