SG adds more Founders Day Ball tickets after first batch sells out online in 90 seconds

Student Government will add 150 more tickets for Founders Day next week in response to greater than expected demand, said SG Chief of Staff Palak Gosar.

Student organizers of the ball were able to work with the Library of Congress and catering to increase capacity at little additional cost. Public Safety also agreed to provide officers to supplement the private security hired by the SG, said Student Government Events Director Alex Leiro, whose office puts on Founders Day.

Free tickets to the ball at the Library of Congress sold out within 90 seconds on Feb. 1 at 8 p.m.

The SG had made 575 free tickets available for undergraduates and 100 for graduate students. Student Government will notify those on the waitlist if a ticket opens up, Leiro said.

There are 25 tickets reserved for alumni and administration.

“Library of Congress is such a cool venue that I think people are really excited about it,” Leiro said.

Organizers reserved seven tickets ahead of Feb. 1 for student organizers of the event.

More than 550 students attended last year’s Founders Day Ball, and there were about 20 tickets left over, the Eagle previously reported.

Students who reserved tickets still need to pick up their tickets Feb. 6 through 10 or they will be given to someone on the waitlist. At the event itself, attendees will need to bring their ticket and their AU ID.

Students who do make it to the Jefferson Building Feb. 25 will be able to visit the balcony that overlooks the Reading Room of the Library of Congress.

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