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Movie Review: Snowden delivers engaging performances

By Elisabeth Holmes Last updated: 09/20/16 2:12pm

Oliver Stone’s new biopic Snowden covers about 10 years of Edward Snowden’s life, and depicts the major life experiences that led him to leak confidential files belonging to the NSA. The film is set in 2013 in a Hong Kong hotel, where Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) tells Guardian reporters Glenn Greenwald (Zachary Quinto) and Ewen MacAskill (Tom Wilkinson) as well as documentarian Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo) how he obtained secret NSA files, eventually giving them copies of the information. ...

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Shows You Missed: Party Down

By Eden Campbell Last updated: 09/16/16 3:00pm

In my experience, finding a new television show to devour is like choosing what food to purchase at Giant. There are far too many options, marketing keenly affects my choices and the price matters a lot (I’m too frugal to buy pistachios or seasons on iTunes).Game of Thrones is the juicy slab of steak displayed at the front of the meat section, nearly too good to be at the chain grocery store. South Park is the cheese-stuffed crust frozen pizza that can be deliciously good, but also makes you question ...

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Catfishing before it was common: “Author: The JT Leroy Story”

By Haley Samsel Last updated: 09/16/16 12:47pm

To anyone who has never heard of JT Leroy and the woman who created him – e.g. almost all college students – “Author: The JT Leroy Story” can be misleading. The new documentary attempts to clarify the tale of Laura Albert, a musician and aspiring writer who found success posing as Leroy, a gay man coming to terms with his abusive past and H.I.V.-positive status through his writing. But while the film makes for an intriguing look into the mindset of a literary scammer, “Author” does not ...

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Review: Far from childish, "Atlanta" establishes Donald Glover as an industry force

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 09/13/16 3:24pm

Forget Spider-Man—Donald Glover is the hero Atlanta needs. After a relatively quiet few years, Glover returns to television  with the show Atlanta on FX. The show succeeds at providing a more grounded, realistic side of the African-American community, one that is more reminiscent of The Wire than a Tyler Perry show. Glover, who is known for his role in the cult show Community, as well as doubling as alt-rapper Childish Gambino, wrote the show’s first episode and stars as its protagonist, ...

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Medical dramas don’t adequately represent the real super heroes

By Rana Attia Last updated: 09/05/16 9:03am

Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben once said that with great power comes great responsibility. In a doctor's world, as soon as you pick up a scalpel to save a life, you are in charge of that other human. That is a huge power which, if you think about it, is quite similar to what Spider-Man represents.But while I agree with the idea that doctors are superheroes, I think medical shows tend to put too much focus on them and not enough on the patients.To give an example, Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s ...

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Review: Morris from America

By Toni Tileva Last updated: 08/26/16 12:15pm

Morris from America is this summer’s Dope. Thoroughly winsome and immeasurably feel good, it follows the life of a father and son adjusting to life in Heidelberg, Germany. This is precisely what is so incredibly refreshing about Morris from America -- it is a coming-of-age movie about hip hop, set in Germany. A pretty novel premise, indeed. 13-year-old Morris (Markees Christmas) follows his father, Curtis (Craig Robinson), when he moves to a strange land so he can work as a soccer coach. ...

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The best study spots on campus

By Rana Attia Last updated: 08/25/16 11:52am

With the school year just the around the corner, you are probably starting to worry about your crazy course load. How many books you are going to have to read? How many papers are you going to be assigned? How many late nights are you going to have? One thing that will make all of the worry a bit easier is knowing where to hang out before class and when studying is in session. Here are six of the best spots on campus for studying, hanging out or just killing twenty minutes between class. Bender ...

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5 tips for surviving your freshman dorm room, triple or no triple

By Haley Samsel Last updated: 08/23/16 2:32am

Not to scare the freshmen arriving on campus for the insanity that is Welcome Week, but you're in for an interesting housing situation this fall. As President Kerwin outlined in a July memo, "first year residence halls will open at approximately 116 percent occupancy in August," requiring many freshmen to live in triples. Believe me, Class of 2020: you’re not alone. For the past few years, the University has struggled to provide enough housing for first-year students, leading ...

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Top 4 college shows to watch freshman year

By Anusheh Khan Last updated: 08/21/16 10:00am

TV shows are fictional, but on occasion they do a great job of portraying real life scenarios. These four college shows will help incoming freshmen have a sense of what it means to be a “college student.” Between the suitemates, frat parties, sororities, lifelong friendships and college relationships, you will quickly learn that there is much more to learn than just in the classrooms. So get out the popcorn and take some notes for the fall!CommunityStream on HuluCommunity is a sitcom created ...

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5 items you need in your college closet

By Jenny Evans Last updated: 08/20/16 4:53am

There's no doubt that at AU, the stereotype of college students walking around campus in pajamas is pretty much busted. When I first came to this school, I was pretty excited to walk into class in an outfit I could have rolled out of bed in. I soon came to find that pretty much everyone here has an excellent fashion sense, and they display it well. I was never really that into fashion, so it defnitely felt like there was a lot of pressure to look good everyday. Now as a rising junior, I've come ...

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