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Review: "Stranger Things"

By Lara Jakiel Last updated: 09/30/16 1:05pm

What do you get when you combine the eeriness of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks with the 80’s nostalgia of films like The Goonies? Unsurprisingly, a captivating television show is born from this fusion of cult classics. Since it premiered on July 15, 2016, Matt and Ross Duffer’s Stranger Things has quickly earned a well-deserved spot alongside other Netflix original hits, staking claim as their third most watched program in its first month. Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger ...

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Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

By Becky Evans Last updated: 09/30/16 12:00pm

One has to wonder if all of Tim Burton’s movies take place in a shared universe. They at least have a shared aesthetic and Burton’s latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, based off of the Ransom Riggs novel of the same name, is slathered in it. However, the characteristic wackiness becomes the only feature of interest. The film centers around protagonist Jake Portman (Asa Butterfield), a kid from Florida who somehow manages to be both bland and abnormal at the same time ...

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Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicole Yoon

By Sydney Mclane Last updated: 09/29/16 9:20am

“Sometimes you do things for the right reasons and sometimes for the wrong ones and sometimes it’s impossible to tell the difference.”Have you ever read a book that pulls you in and refuses to weaken its grasp? A book so profound and wonderfully developed that you want to live in the world created? That was Everything, Everything by Nicole Yoon for me. Everything, Everything has many elements of a typical young adult romance novel: a boy and girl meet, fall in love, something tries to get ...

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Review: Atlanta, "The Streisand Effect"

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 09/28/16 2:49pm

The fourth episode of Donald Glover and FX’s smash hit, Atlanta, aptly entitled “The Streisand Effect,” weaves together an incredibly relatable, funny and thoughtful story in just over 20 minutes. While the show walks a fine line between comedy and drama, as many of the best shows now do, opting for the traditional runtime of a comedy, this episode conveys exactly why the show’s balance of comedy and drama works so well together in a shorter format.The episode revolves around the aftermath ...

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Did Game of Thrones ruin Narcos?

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 09/24/16 12:00pm

The fictional world of Westeros has real world implications about how we view the way plot and action take place on shows across networks. Netflix’s Narcos, whose second season dropped at the end of August, failed to adapt to the uber-tense sequences, horrific violence and emotional weight that Game of Thrones made standard. Thrones has Reddit users up late crafting theories, researching lore and trying to fit the puzzle pieces that are the show’s characters into a possible storyline that makes ...

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Fall 2016 Makeup Trends from New York Fashion Week

By Anusheh Khan Last updated: 09/23/16 12:00pm

New York Fashion Week is when the most fabulous and elite people in fashion come together to celebrate the fashion and makeup industry. Icons, such as Christian Dior, Valentino and Marc Jacobs inspire many people to mimic the styles their models wear. For those not fortunate enough to be there, here’s a list of this season’s newest makeup trends to follow, straight from the runway:Go dark or go homeChristian Dior and Marc Jacobs models on the runways were spotting very, very dark lips. Most ...

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Review: Masculinity and hazing collide in "Goat"

By Toni Tileva Last updated: 09/23/16 10:00am

Lord of The Flies meets Stanford Prison Experiment may be an apt characterization of Goat, an exposé on fraternity hazing. Based on Brad Land’s memoir of the same name, Goat gets elbow-deep into the heady, terrifying mix of masculinity and violence. The movie asks why the two are in such close fraternity, especially in the context of the Greek system. The film is unsettling and visceral, perhaps all the more because it is based on actual events. Brett (Nick Jonas) and Brad (Ben Schnetzer) ...

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Antoine Fuqua’s Take on a Western Classic Falls Short of Surpassing Its Contemporaries

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 09/23/16 10:00am

“Somehow I don’t think you’ve solved my problem,” is a line said by the villain, Calvera (Eli Wallach) in the 1960’s version of the western film The Magnificent Seven, and something that rings true for much of director Antoine Fuqua’s remake. This version of the film stars Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington as guns for hire who promise to defend their town from Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), a man whose greed has crippled a small town out in the desert during the ...

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Snowden LIVE: An Interview with the director, stars and the man behind "Snowden"

By Elisabeth Holmes Last updated: 09/22/16 9:19am

Snowden LIVE was broadcasted to over 800 movie theaters after an early screening of the new movie Snowden on September 14. The event was a live streamed interview with the director of the new movie, Oliver Stone, actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley, as well as Edward Snowden, the man whose actions inspired the film.The host asked a number of questions, beginning with lighter ones such as asking Snowden what the weather is like in Russia. He replied with a laugh that during the summer ...

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Review: Atlanta, "Going for Broke"

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 09/21/16 2:04pm

Episode three of FX’s breakout hit, Atlanta, entitled “Go For Broke,” lives up to the stellar start of the series and tells an engaging and all too true story about chasing your dreams while dealing with harsh realties. Donald Glover’s aptly named character, Earn, attempts to win back his girlfriend Vanessa by taking her out to dinner, while his cousin, Paper Boi, partakes in a comedy of errors while trying to sell drugs. The episode begins with Earn at a fast food restaurant where ...

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