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"Rogue One" resonates in a way "The Force Awakens" could not

By Naomi Zeigler Last updated: 12/13/16 10:15am

We have entered a time period of extreme polarization. While we do not have X-wings, Imperial shuttles or droids, our means of fighting have taken root in other forms of reaction and opposition. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story knows its place in the current political climate and is self aware enough to create a narrative that challenges the binary of simply good versus evil. It’s a lesson that resonates with me and will likely resonate with any viewer who has bore the heavy weight of the past year ...

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Review: Westworld, Episode Nine: "The Well-Tempered Caviar"

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 12/01/16 1:40pm

“Do you know what happened to the Neanderthals, Bernard? We ate them.”This is one of episode nine’s closing lines, delivered eloquently as ever by the manipulative Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), and it feels it represents some symbolism beyond the show. Historically, the episode before any show’s season finale is a wild one, but Westworld might have taken it too far this season. With so many different characters and plot arcs, the episode was bound to get messy, but throw in multiple ...

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Westworld Episode Eight, “Trace Decay” Review

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 11/23/16 11:54am

Picking up where it left off, this Sunday’s episode of the carrot-and-stick sci-fi drama that is Westworld doubled down on some of the season’s biggest ideas. While the episode didn’t offer up anything new to the genre or to television in general, it did expertly execute on themes of identity, humanity and destiny. For the most part, the episode decided to show a lot more than it teased, which was a welcome change of pace from the cliffhangers that have gotten almost entirely monotonous.If ...

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Review: Magnificent Moana is a spirited Oceanic adventure

By Leo Versel Last updated: 11/23/16 11:23am

In Disney’s long-standing animated tradition, there has never been a character like Moana, and a story like hers has rarely been told.Disney’s new animated adventure Moana, directed by the A-team of Ron Clements and John Musker (responsible for The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Princess & The Frog), is a unique story that transcends the tradition of Disney princesses by making the film’s title character a bonafide heroine. Additionally, Clements and Musker’s seventh animated feature film collaboration ...

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Review: "Edge of Seventeen"

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 11/18/16 7:30am

Cross a John Hughes movie with a Disney Channel show, add a few f-bombs and you’ll get Edge of Seventeen, the directorial debut of Kelly Fremon Craig, who does a fantastic job despite this being her first credited directorial work. The film tells a familiar story of a troubled teenager who deals with tried and true issues of friendship, love and fitting in. While the plot is so familiar that it’s forgettable, for the most part the main cast delivers witty, charismatic performances across the ...

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Review: "Nocturnal Animals"

By Michael Valenti Last updated: 11/18/16 7:00am

Tom Ford’s second feature film, Nocturnal Animals, tells the story of Susan Morrow (Amy Adams), an artist and art gallery owner. Her ex-husband, Edward Sheffield (Jake Gyllenhaal) mails her a manuscript of his newest novel, which tells the heart wrenching story of a man, Tony Hastings (also played by Jake Gyllenhaal), whose wife and daughter are raped and murdered by a psychotic man in rural Texas. These two stories are told at the same time as Susan remembers her life with her ex-husband and ...

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Review: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 11/18/16 7:00am

In troubling times like these, what better world to escape to than one of the magical and beloved Harry Potter series. Though not a direct prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, exists in a time where Dumbledore, Hogwarts and the villainous Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) are famous in the magic community. While the movie deals with many of the same themes as the original series, the first of what could end up being a five film franchise, starts off somewhat unsure of itself. The movie ...

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Review: Westworld Episode Seven, “Trompe L'Oeil"

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 11/17/16 8:35am

For a show that tries to be as philosophical and intellectual as Westworld, I’m surprised that at no point did the writers said “hey, maybe we shouldn’t cast Anthony Hopkins as a manipulative serial killer with a twisted worldview.” That’s not to say that Hopkins doesn’t excel in his role as the creator of the park, Dr. Ford, but it’s just another example of the show struggling to deviate from pre-established storytelling norms. Westworld has never felt like more of a sponge of preexisting ...

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10 Easy Friendsgiving Dishes

By Anusheh Khan Last updated: 11/15/16 10:20am

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family and loved ones. However, not everyone has the opportunity to go back home over the holidays, so the second best option is Friendsgiving! Friendsgiving is perfect to spend with your floor mates and cook in the communal kitchen, or to have people over at your apartment. But for those of you not skilled in cooking and on a budget, we’ve made it easy for you. Here are some college friendly Friendsgiving meals to create for your dinner:Turkey CutletsRoasting ...

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Review: "Loving" tells a little-known story of overcoming racism in America

By Haley Samsel Last updated: 11/12/16 5:54pm

“We may lose the small battles, but win the big war.” Mildred Loving’s words, as relayed in the marvelous new film Loving, come at a time of immense turmoil: a week that featured the election of a man who has more than flirted with white nationalism and the eruption of protests across the country, including at AU. The national mood is a mix of tumultuous, fearful, angry, pessimistic. Loving is none of those things, and perhaps that’s why it strikes a chord. The movie follows the story of ...

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