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Five Track Friday: Bands you know, songs you don’t



Keep your playlists fresh and your friends impressed with this weekly batch of hand-picked tracks. h4. 1. Modest Mouse - “Dukes Up” (If you like: Dirty Projectors, The Shins, pre-”Float On” Modest Mouse) By the time “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” was released in 2004, Modest Mouse had already been performing together for 11 years. That means there’s tons of pre-”Float On” Modest Mouse to delve into - and most of it is better than anything from “Good News...” and its successors. This track, from their 2001 EP “Sad Sappy Sucker,” shows a rawer, altogether more intriguing side of Modest Mouse that, frankly, most devout fans wish would come back. h4. 2. Arctic Monkeys - "No Buses" (If you like: Tame Impala, Miles Kane, insanely clever lyrics) Last year’s “AM” was good - no question there. But before earning international acclaim, Arctic Monkeys were recording simple tunes in true garage-rock style - like this stripped down gem from their 2006 EP “Who the Fuck are Arctic Monkeys?”. Alex Turner’s songwriting has mellowed and mainstreamed with age, but here his high school cynicism shines: “Oh, and she thinks she’s the one/But she’s just one in 24.” h4. 3. Death Cab for Cutie - “I Was a Kaleidoscope” (If you like: Wilco, The Decemberists, angst/pumpkin spiced lattes) As much as we all love to listen to “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” while brooding and sipping our pumpkin spiced lattes, there’s so much more to Death Cab for Cutie than “Plans” has to offer. This track, off their 2001 anthology, “The Photo Album,” features a slightly edgier, more dynamic sound than Death Cab’s more commercially successful albums. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of angst. Bonus trivia: Death Cab for Cutie has been around since 1997. Neat, right? h4. 4. The Front Bottoms - “More Than it Hurts You” _(If you like: Modern Baseball, Kevin Devine, lo-fi)_ Before the release of their first two albums, The Front Bottoms released several EPs with dozens of demos and lo-fi tracks like this one. They’re rough around the edges, sure, but there’s something about these early demos that no producer will ever be able to replicate exactly - and that’s the best part. h4. 5. Brand New - “Failure by Design” _(If you like: Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw, yelling but not screaming)_ Brand New has been pretty hit or miss since 2003’s “Deja Entendu,” and anything prior is often overshadowed by its critical success. “Failure by Design” has all the ingredients that made “Deja Entendu” great but features a rougher edge that makes it a track worth checking out. ""

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