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District Taco plans Tenleytown location

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 09/03/15 12:20pm

District Taco's F Street NW location downtown (flickr user m01229). Tenleytown may be getting another fast casual restaurant soon, as District Taco plans a location at Brandywine Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Before the restaurant can proceed, however, it must win exemption from a “chain store” restriction in order to open at the to-be-completed Tenley View development at 4600 Wisconsin Ave. The Tenleytown advisory neighborhood commission will consider voting on giving the restaurant ...

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D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson comes back to AU

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/31/15 7:30am

Glad that's over!! #Nats #firstpitch— Phil Mendelson (@ChmnMendelson) August 28, 2015 When Muriel Bowser was elected mayor in November last year, AU completed a double: the top two local politicians in the District were graduates of the school. Phil Mendelson, the second top politician in city hall as D.C. Council chairman, graduated from the School of Public Affairs in 1981, and Bowser earned her master’s from the same school in 2000. I challenge @AmericanU ...

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Black Lives Matter activists heckle Mayor Bowser's plan to stop violence during her speech

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/27/15 10:06pm

A woman protests during Mayor Muriel Bowser's address (Cuneyt Dil/The Eagle). Mayor Muriel Bowser first bellowed over the protesters, and her allies leapt to their feet to her defense, attempting to drown out the Black Lives Matter activists yelling and heckling the mayor’s proposed plan to curb killings in the District. “Who’s with me?” the mayor smiled and asked repeatedly, as officials and fans of her 5-part “Safer, Stronger DC” proposal cheered at a packed address outlining the ...

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Black Lives Matter activists to protest mayor’s press conference

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/26/15 5:36pm

CALL TO ACTION: Tell @MayorBowser NO! to EXPANDING #PoliceTerror in D.C. #SouthEastMatters #DC #DMV— Erika Totten (@2LiveUnchained) August 26, 2015When Mayor Muriel Bowser details a new proposal to combat gun violence in the city on Thursday morning, a group of local Black Lives Matter activists who are upset about her plans to ask for greater police power say they intend to protest. Bowser will push for legislation that would give D.C. police power to search individuals ...

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D.C. targets violent crimes committed on Metro trains, buses

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/13/15 9:04pm

(Photo courtesy Metro) Following the stabbing death of Kevin Sutherland aboard a Metro train on July 4, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration is considering stricter penalties for crimes committed on public transit. Bowser said at a press conference Thursday she has requested Deputy City Administrator Kevin Donahue to “make sure the penalties for any crimes committed on public transit are robust.” Afterward Bowser spoke, mayoral spokesperson Mike Czin said the administration will take ...

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No one really knows why D.C.’s violent crime rate is up this summer

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/13/15 11:31am

D.C. is experiencing an uptick in violent crime this summer that has local officials scratching their heads. Mayor Muriel Bowser blames the increase partly on synthetic drug use, while Police Chief Cathy Lanier rejects the notion it’s part of a ‘Ferguson effect’ and has vowed to address the sale of the drug. D.C. councilmembers and neighborhood leaders have held meetings across town to discuss public safety in recent weeks. For the AU community, the issue hit home when 2013 alumnus Kevin ...

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Mayor Bowser: The District will take aggressive action to reduce carbon pollution

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/04/15 10:51am

Mayor Muriel Bowser (file photo/Bryan Park). Mayor Muriel Bowser pledged the District will “continue to take aggressive action” to curb the effects of climate change on Monday, following a new White House proposal to reduce carbon emissions across the country. President Obama unveiled America’s Clean Power Plan in a Facebook video Sunday and a speech on Monday. The plan sets carbon standards on power plants and rewards states that invest in clean energy, among creating other initiatives. The ...

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WATCH: John Oliver makes the case for D.C. statehood

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 08/03/15 3:33pm

John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” showed his talent for making complex policy into comedic fodder last night while advocating for the District to become the 51st state.Oliver went through a laundry list of examples where Congress has intervened in the city’s affairs: abortion rights, gun restriction laws, marijuana legalization and needle exchange programs. District officials were quick to praise Oliver for bringing the longstanding issue of statehood to a national audience.Thanks ...

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New college sexual assault bill proposed in D.C. Council

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 07/15/15 10:17pm

AU students protest sexual assault in 2014 (Kristie Chua/The Talon). All students enrolling in a District college would be required to take a sexual assault prevention course under a new bill proposed in the D.C. Council on Tuesday.  Colleges would also be required to put a “prominent notation” on transcripts of students who are convicted of sexual violence — or when a student under investigation withdraws from the school. The note would remain on students’ transcripts if ...

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Your guide to the July Fourth parades

By Cuneyt Dil Last updated: 07/03/15 9:37pm

Then candidate for mayor Muriel Bowser at the 2013 Palisades parade (crystalndavis/flickr). It’s not as exciting as an election year, when mayoral and D.C. Council candidates crisscross town to march in July Fourth parades to earn votes, but you still have a chance to meet the mayor and other lawmakers in this year’s celebrations. These are the six parades and block parties Mayor Muriel Bowser will be attending tomorrow, courtesy of her public calendar. 10 AM -- Capitol Hill 4th of ...

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