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District Wire

Meet the AU junior who’s an elected official



District Wire recently sat down with junior Regina Monge, the newly elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 3D07, AU’s single-member district. Those interested in learning more about Advisory Neighborhood Commissions can read DW’s explainer here.

Studying: Majoring in International Studies and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies

Hometown: Miami, Florida

ANC: 3D07

District Wire: What area does your Single Member District cover?

Regina Monge: Anderson, Centennial, Hughes, Leonard, McDowell and Cassel [halls]. Letts [hall] belongs to another commissioner and so does Nebraska [hall].

DW: Okay, what made you want to run for commissioner?

Monge: I think it’s really interesting D.C. has a hyperlocal form of government. It’s pretty unique. I really think its important for women and students and Latinos to get involved as much as possible. One-eighth of residents in the District are students, and students [and women] are underrepresented in politics. This is our home for four years. We should be just as invested in our community as people who have lived here for 10 years.

I wanted to get involved to figure out how the community and students can come together. There’s a lot of tension between students and community members, but students are community members. I think it would be great if we could rally together neighbors who have lived here longer and students so that we can focus on topics as problematic and touchy and all-encompassing as sexual assault.

DW: So how has ANC life treated you so far?

Monge: So last Wednesday was our first commissioner meeting and that’s when we elected officers. It’s really exciting and I’m learning a lot. I’m learning a lot about zoning, and I’m trying to catch up as much as possible about the history of community relations. I really like it.

DW: Where is your favorite spot in 3D07?

Monge: I really like the [School of International Service] building. That’s where I do most of my studying and reading. And the Dav.

DW: What do you hope to accomplish on your ANC?

Monge: Try to figure out how we can change community members’ views on students. I think a lot of the time when [community members] interact with students it’s because a party was too loud, or someone littered. I think that leads to a lot of tension between community members and students, when really we babysit their children, we get involved in politics [and] we run campaigns in the District.

I really want to change our perception, whether it be by students coming to more meetings — which is something I want; I to get more students at the meetings. Also [I want to show] that some students care about the community and not just being reckless all the time.

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