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Summer LookBook: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit 101: Everything you need to know about jumpsuits to wear for the summer!

Summer LookBook: Jumpsuits

With the rainy and cold weather gone, it’s about time to bring out the summer wardrobe! Whether they’re stored in the back of the closet, or you’re looking to expand the summer wardrobe, jumpsuits are a fun summer piece to wear when you’re sick of maxi dresses and shorts. Jumpsuits are either a hit or a miss,but don’t let that stop you from wearing them. They’re chic and bold; a statement outfit that can make you look confident and well put-together. Follow below to see examples of how to style and accessorize three different jumpsuits.

Find the Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit will help with looking polished and poised. The most important thing to remember when buying a jumpsuit is to never buy anything too tight or too loose. You have to find your Goldilocks fit in the middle. Anything too tight can make make you look like Catwoman, a look that no one should ever go for (unless it’s Halloween). Anything too loose can mask your figure.

A perfect jumpsuit will be tighter at the waist and looser towards the legs. Most jumpsuits come with a belt or are cinched around your waist to give it shape. Cinching your waist gives a feminine look by defining your curves.

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Accessories: Hats & Scarves!

What better way to think summer than beachy hats and colorful scarves? Hats and scarves are a cheap and fun way to give summer outfits a little flair. Accessorize a plain, solid color jumpsuit with one of these fun accessories! This is a perfect outfit for a beach day, a casual summer lunch, or for a fun day of shopping.

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Blazers for the Professional

To look a little more polished, pair your jumpsuit up with a blazer. If your internship permits a very business casual atmosphere, this outfit is perfect for you. If not, this is an outfit for an event where you want to dress to impress.

Find a similar blazer here here or here

From Day to Night

Running a little late? Not a problem! The best thing about a jumpsuit is that it’s an entire outfit in itself. You can always style it from daywear to nightwear depending on your accessories. Glam up your jumpsuit with dramatic makeup, a cute clutch and a pair of heels. These outfits are perfect for a cute date, an upscale restaurant or a girls night out with lots of pictures! 

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Welcome summer back with a perfect summer jumpsuit. Whether it’s for work, the beach, a casual lunch or a night out, jumpsuits will always fit the occasion. Happy summer!

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