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Flea and Feed: Exploring Georgetown Flea Market

Flea and Feed: Exploring Georgetown Flea Market

Every two weeks, this column will bring you reviews of local flea and farmers markets.

What: Georgetown Flea Market

When: Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bus stop: Wisconsin Avenue NW + Tenley Circle NW

Going to the Georgetown Flea Market, I have to remind myself of the little space I have in my dorm room. No doubt the majority of things that catch my sight (an antique rug, vintage dining set and hand knit cat socks) are not necessities nor can most of them fit in the small room I call home. However, visiting this market feels like future furniture shopping in a place that only has items of the past.

One of the best aspects of flea markets, this one included, are the generally cheap prices. For a college student in D.C., the beauty of a good deal is understood intrinsically. While the aforementioned antique rug was expensive, most things are priced quite reasonably.

If you don’t mind wearing gently used clothes, the market has an ensemble of vintage coats that are no doubt cheaper than any you will find in Friendship Heights or Bethesda.

If you’re still in the process of decorating your dorm room, the flea market has a stand called Antique Prints, which features various maps and other vintage prints. Who says you can’t simultaneously have old maps of Soviet Russia and prints of John Wayne on your wall? Or perhaps a bronze bust of John F. Kennedy is more to your liking?

Maybe you're looking for dining and cutlery ware? The market has these as well. Why go plastic, when you can have Chinese China?

The Market is perfect for anyone shopping for odd and ends, cheap, unique furnishings and a great people watching spot. After, hitting the market you can grab food across the street at Cafe Divan, a tasty turkish food restaurant.

The Georgetown Flea Market offers a diverse setting that can’t be found on the trendy Wisconsin Avenue.

The Market is located at 1819 35th St. NW Washington, D.C. (just north of T Street NW on Wisconsin Avenue at the Hardy Middle School). It is most easily accessed using the bus system. Go to Wisconsin Ave NW + Tenley Circle NW and board either bus 30N, 30 S or the 96 to Georgetown. Get off at the address above. If taking the bus isn’t for you, you can purchase one of the market’s many vintage bicycles.

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