Delivering American University's news and views since 1925. | Sunday, May 27, 2018

Welcome to the Love Boat

Captain America. Captain Crunch. Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Morgan. Captain Ahab...

Many greats have come before me, but I promise you that I am better than all of them, because I am real, and I am here to save you. Or maybe you don't need saving -- but you do need advice.

My purpose in this column, and maybe in life, is to traverse the deadly waters of sex and dating on my trusty Love Boat. You can ask me anything, from the oddly specific (are lambskin condoms actually made out of lambskin?) to the general (how do I flirt?) and I promise to give you advice, support, a joke or possibly a smack upside the head when you need it.

I know you might be scared at first to bare your kinkiest, scariest or weirdest concerns to a total stranger, so we'll start with a poll. Vote for the question you most want to see answered, or, if you are brave enough, write your own question in the submission form.

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