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Residence Hall Association approves SG budget proposal

The Residence Hall Association announced Dec. 2 that it supports the Student Government’s proposal for increased tuition, tuition discount rate and transparency.

RHA passed the resolution on Nov. 29 and subsequently sent it to SG. The SG Senate then passed the bill Dec. 2, finalizing the first “co-active” resolution in the organizations’ history.

The resolution was sponsored by RHA General Assembly member Trevor Gurgick and SG 2013 Sen. Eric Reath.

Both organizations will adopt the SG Commission of University Budget's three proposals for the budget, which recommends that the University:

· Increase tuition to only cover necessary costs

· Increase the tuition discount rate by 1 percent over the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years

· Produce a more detailed budget to increase transparency

The current tuition discount rate is 29 percent, meaning 29 cents on every dollar from tuition goes to financial aid. The proposed increase would have 30 cents of each dollar going towards financial aid, Erickson said in an email.

“This may not seem like a large change,” Erickson said, “but it is multiplied by every dollar paid by every student it will make a significant difference in the student aid available.”

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