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CUFI on protest

Respectful dialogue is necessary

This year, Student Activities recognized Christians United for Israel (CUFI) at AU as the newest pro-Israel organization on campus. CUFI is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, with over a million members nationally and chapters on over 100 college campuses. CUFI at AU seeks to educate the student body about Israel and issues pertaining to citizens of people.

The mission of CUFI is to provide a campus forum through which its members and every AU student can speak and act with one voice in support of the state of Israel. Last week, CUFI hosted Sgt. Benjamin Anthony on campus, a reservist in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) who has lent his life in support of the state of Israel and its citizens. During the program, approximately 50 students barraged Sgt. Anthony. They were escorted by University Public Safety. However, they harassed students as they left the program.

While CUFI understands that not all individuals on campus hold a unified position on all issues, CUFI remains committed to the values of civility, dialogue and respect, values that are ingrained in our campus community. Sgt. Anthony came to our campus as a guest of our organization, our university and our country. CUFI was able to bring Sgt. Anthony all the way from Israel to deliver firsthand testimony, and the actions of a select few of our community have reflected on the morality of our entire student body, AU and college students across the United States.

Despite the hostility demonstrated by other student organizations, CUFI remains committed to maintaining a peaceful campus community in which all views can be represented.

This semester alone, CUFI has held multiple events and plans to hold more.

On Dec. 4, CUFI joined AU Students for Israel to bring Zion Uness, a Jewish Ethiopian refugee to campus.

In addition, on Dec. 4, CUFI co-sponsored a candlelight vigil with J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine for those who died in the recent Gaza escalation. We hope that this program is just one of many that will bring about a peaceful dialogue on campus and demonstrates who we are as a university community.

CUFI is committed to standing with Israel and supporting Israel’s right to exist. We hope that CUFI can encourage other students at AU to support Israel and not be afraid to speak up.

Amy Farina is a senior in the School of Public Affairs and president of CUFI at AU.

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