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TV Pick: "American Horror Story"

When the creators of “American Horror Story” decided to completely change the location and characters of the already beloved series for its second season, fans everywhere held their breath.

But even after all the changes, the show (now called “American Horror Story: Asylum”) is still as gut-wrenchingly addicting as it ever was.

Centered around the Briarcliff Mental Institution, the show follows a handful of characters as they struggle to survive the absurdity around them. Jessica Lange (who won an Emmy for her portrayal as Constance in AHS’s last season) is tantalizing in her lead role as Sister Jude, a pious nun with a dirty past. Other familiar faces from last season include Evan Peters (who plays a good guy framed as a murderer), Nora Montgomery (as a devil-possessed nun) and Sarah Paulson (a journalist who gets trapped in the mental institute).

Thus far the show has pushed its horrific boundaries, including scenes of terrifyingly graphic murders, hell-raising exorcisms, aliens and all-around twisted characters with more than a few skeletons in their closets.

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