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D.C. art exhibits get elemental twist, draw from international influences

D.C. art exhibits get elemental twist, draw from international influences
EARTH, WIND, FIRE — Peter Kephart’s works use the elements, along with gunpowder and paint.

Living in a big city can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Every week there’s somebody willing to feed, entertain, occupy, educate or annoy you, for free. Fine Art for Free rounds up the best free arts events in the coming week to help you stretch that paycheck just a little bit further.

Last Call

“Low Moments” | Pleasant Plains Workshop | Open until Nov. 18

The idea behind “Low Moments” is basically the opposite of what other exhibitions are looking for. Built out of an open call for “artistic failures,” “Low Moments” features various artists showcasing some of their worst moments. A lighthearted change of pace from the seriousness of many exhibitions, this exhibit is a great way to inject some humor into a day at the galleries. As an added bonus, the art hanging in this exhibit all comes from area artists, making it easier to track down some of their work of which they are actually proud.

Pleasant Plains Workshop is located on Georgia Avenue between Euclid and Fairmont Streets, directly across the street from Howard University’s main campus.

What’s New

“Passport Please” by Al Burts | International Visions Gallery | Nov. 8 - Dec. 8 | Opening Reception Nov. 10 6:30-9p.m.

In “Passport Please,” Al Burts uses his distinct and intricate style of ballpoint pen drawing to create portraits inspired by the African roots of America. Burts’ attention to detail and intricate shading demonstrate an unrivaled mastery of the somewhat unconventional ballpoint pen as an artistic medium. The portraits themselves are profiles of strength and resilience, from the silent strength of women working through rough times to the almost messianic calmness of Marvin Gaye.

International Visions Gallery is located at 2629 Connecticut Ave., NW near the Woodley Park Metro station.

“Fire, Water, Earth and Wind: The Unforgettable Firepaintings of Peter Kephart” | Zenith Gallery | open until Nov. 27

Combining fire, water, wind, paint, gunpowder and pastel, Peter Kephart’s “firepaintings” are a little more labor-intensive than most paintings. Using a process that leaves a lot of his creations up to chance, Kephart crafts intricately colored and whimsical landscapes that swirl together all the natural elements that go into them. Kephart embraces the elements of chance in nature, working with these elements to create collaborative paintings with beautiful, warm colors.

Zenith Gallery is located on the second floor of 5335 Wisconsin Ave., NW near the Friendship Heights Metro Station.

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