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AU remembers snowpocalypse

For those who have never seen snow before, “Snowpocalypse” came as a shock. “I haven’t really decided whether a lot [of snow] is good or not. I mean, it’s exciting. I haven’t really experienced enough of it to get sick of it yet. I was kind of surprised that people just grab it with their hands and stuff. That’s intense, man. I play with the sand because I’m from Hawaii and that’s what we do because we don’t have snow, but that’s a trip, man.” Austin Itamoto Sophomore, College of Arts and Sciences

With not much else to do inside, some students chose to break the dry-campus policy. “We did have a few interesting people come down to the front desk drunk out of their minds. It was a handful of people. They weren’t transport-drunk, but they were funny-drunk, which are the better ones because at 3 a.m., you need to laugh.” Margot Witter Junior, School of International Service

Even a simple trip to Tenleytown was a wild new experience during the snowstorms. "Well, after four days of sleeping until 3 p.m., we got bored and decided to go on an adventure. There was snow completely covering Mass Ave., and we were walking in the middle street and there were other groups of people walking down the road. It really looked like the apocalypse. We finally got there and the television was on and that’s when found out that we got 44 inches of snow instead of the usual four to seven in a year." Julia Schultz Sophomore, SIS

Unlike many students who stayed burrowed in the dorms throughout the week, some took the opportunity to do some sightseeing. "By the third or fourth day, when we felt claustrophobic, two other girls and I made the trek to the Metro and got off at the Smithsonian stop. We were walking around and we saw a giant igloo. That was the first igloo I’ve ever seen. Naturally, I climbed into the igloo, and there were other people in there with me. People signed their names on the igloo into the ice. Then we walked towards the Lincoln Memorial. It was nerve-wracking and I was scared, but I walked on the reflecting pool. We saw a man fall in because parts of the ice were cracking, but luckily the water wasn’t too deep." Kate Greubel Sophomore, Kogod School of Business Eagle staff member

“Let me break it down for you. The good things about the snowstorm were that we were paid time and a half, we got to close early, and the students really enjoyed the specials we had. The bad things were that it was hard to travel, there were a lot of falls and accidents, and we didn’t always get our breaks on time.” Kevin Nelson Counter Attendant for Terrace Dining Room

“After one day it’s okay, but after two, three, four snow days, you need to entertain the students … Oh yeah, I’m ready for it now. My office is filled with chips, candy, soda and 100 bottles of water.” Patrick Ledesma Assistant Director of Operations, University Center

Farah Mohamed, Brianna Falcone, staff writer Marissa Cetin, Kendal Gapinski, Nancy Lavin and Vivian Roussel contributed to this story.

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