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Letter from the editor

When I picked up my first copy of The Eagle, I never saw myself where I'm sitting right now. As I type, The Eagle staff is sitting here, editing articles, battling computer problems and proofing pages. So often, I forget about that Thursday morning when I grabbed the paper on my way to my 9:55 World Politics class.

I remember reading through the then-editor in chief's letter from the editor, welcoming the students and promising change in The Eagle's coverage of campus events, a guarantee of better editing and hope for better fact-checking. Now that I fill those shoes, I want to stray from the normal fall semester letter. Of course, I'm thrilled to take this job. It's an honor, and I look forward to the stories and moments that lie ahead.

As much as I would love to make the same promises as my predecessors -- for grammatical perfection, broader coverage and absolute factual accuracy -- I know that I cannot guarantee these things in every issue. However, what I can assure is that The Eagle staff will do everything in its power to bring you the best reporting we can provide. I will edit to the best of my ability, and we will try to bring you the best of collegiate journalism at AU.

Change surrounds us. Here in our office, we've got a new carpet, a few tweaks to our print design and an entire revamped Web site. I have a new and enthusiastic staff, excited to bring you news and make even bigger changes as the year continues.

While our Web site,, is still in the late stages of a redesign, you can look forward to more blogs and coverage between our Monday and Thursday issues. Our archives will be back on the site within the next few days, and we will work on getting more multimedia features. I ask for all your patience while we continue to work on this huge undertaking. The Eagle staff is also interested in hearing your feedback on our changes.

So, enjoy your first weeks of classes. Make sure you grab The Eagle on Mondays and Thursdays. Keep your eye out for our new and improved Web site, and keep making news.

Jen Calantone Editor-in-Chief

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