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Police blotter

Sept. 30

The Department of Public Safety responded to a report of an intoxicated student in Anderson Hall. The student did not appear to need medical attention and signed a medical release form.

DPS discovered colorful chalk graffiti outside the Kogod School of Business. The Grounds Department was contacted to remove the graffiti.

D.C. Fire Department transported a sick student from McDowell Hall to a hospital.

DCFD transported a sick student in Letts Hall to a hospital.

Oct. 1

An AU electrical truck hit the north side of McCabe Hall, a plant and a sign. The building and vehicle were not damaged. No injuries were reported.

A person entered a locked Nebraska Hall suite and turned on four of the stove burners while a resident was sleeping in one of the rooms. A fire alarm woke the student. Nothing was taken and no damage was reported.

A former affiliate was reported spending an excessive amount of time and leaving luggage in the Roper Graduate Lounge. DPS contacted the former affiliate and advised her to use the lounge only if she had business in the building.

An unsecured and unattended cell phone was taken from a wall outside of Mary Graydon Center while the owner spoke with a friend 10 feet away.

Credit cards were taken from a secured men’s locker and were later fraudulently used.

A bicycle that had been secured to a bike rack outside of Kay Spiritual Center was taken.

DCFD transported and injured student to a hospital.

A smoke detector on the fourth floor of Letts Hall activated a fire alarm. Letts, Anderson and Centennial Halls were evacuated. There was no sign of smoke or fire. Food was on a stove in the lounge.

A purse was taken from an unsecured locker.

Oct. 2

A wallet was taken from a women’s restroom in the Washington College of Law building. The wallet was later found in a trashcan. Cash, a Metro card and a gift card were missing.

An AU computer laptop was taken from an employee’s vehicle parked in the Sports Center Garage. There was no personal or sensitive information on the computer.

Dust from contractors in Hurst Hall activated a smoke detector. DPS responded to the fire alarm.

DPS spoke with two individuals near a shuttle stop and found one of the individuals had an open, partially filled beer can. DPS barred the individual from AU property.

Oct. 4

DPS responded to a noise complaint from a university-leased apartment in the Berkshire Apartments. Alcoholic beverages were in the room. Three individuals in the room had no known university affiliation.

DCFD freed a student from a stuck Letts elevator. No injuries were reported.

Oct. 5

A bicycle that had been secured to a Letts-Anderson Quad bike rack with was taken.

A student set his laptop on a table in the MGC then walked away to talk with friends. Five minutes later when he returned, the computer was gone.

Oct. 6

DCFD transported a sick student from MGC to a hospital.

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