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Guide To: Daily Essentials in Tenleytown

Visiting and living in Washington are two totally different experiences. Now that you live here, you'll need to know where basic necessities are, instead of just tourist areas. Here's a quick rundown of practical stores in Tenleytown.

7-Eleven 4319 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 202-364-8502

7-Eleven is a one-stop convenience store with most food, beverages and some toiletries. It's about a block away from Tenley campus and on your way to Chipotle.

Best Buy 4500 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 202-895-1580

The best place to buy any forgotten electronic equipment or replace anything broken is right in Tenleytown. Best Buy has all of your computer, music, video game and movie needs.

Chevy Case Bank Butler Pavilion 202-885-6440

Many AU students use Chevy Chase bank, one of the most convenient banks to have in Washington, with ATMs at almost every corner and Metro station.

Container Store 4500 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 202-478-4000

To an overly organized college student, nothing is more exciting than having a Container Store a mere 15 minutes from campus. It might even be better for an unorganized college student. The Container Store offers all of your storage and organizing needs.

CVS 4555 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 202-537-1587

A block from the Tenleytown Metro and open 24 hours, you can get everything from cough drops to late-night pints of ice cream here. This is also a good place to get your prescriptions filled.

Hollywood Video 4520 40th St. N.W. 202-364-6490

If you can't find anything to watch on AU's extensive cable package, Hollywood Video is a great option. It's also a cheaper way to see new movies without paying theater prices. Plus, if you run fast enough, you can return a movie and still get back on the same shuttle.

Payless 4505 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 202-537-7034

Shoes can be a great accessory and are even better when they're cheap. Since Payless often has sales and is right in Tenleytown, you're really not going out of your way to buy a new pair of shoes. Plus, the new shoes might be just what you need for a night out.

Safeway 4230 Davenport St. N.W. 202-364-0290

About three blocks from the heart of Tenleytown, Safeway features everything you'd ever expect in a grocery store. Bring a backpack to haul all your groceries back to the shuttle stop, or find a friend with a car.

The UPS Store Butler Pavilion 202-885-6467

UPS is the best place to mail packages and buy stamps on or around campus. Being in Butler Pavilion has many positives, especially when you don't want to drag a heavy package on the shuttle and then to a post office to ship stuff.

Whole Foods 2323 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 202-333-5393

This is where you can find organic everything, including a hot bar with ready-to-eat entrees sold by the pound. While pricier than the traditional grocery store, their store brand, 365 Everyday, carries an assortment of surprisingly affordable items, including mint shampoo for $1.99 a bottle.

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